The company Stonehenge E-Commerce is an Indian organization located in the heart of the national capital New Delhi. It is involved in catering the need of the various industries including manufacturing, hospitality, e-Commerce, Health and many other service oriented businesses not only in Delhi/NCR but also in the varied states in the country with the complete dedication and commitment.

The name of the company Stonehenge E-Commerce Private Limited is derived from the world renowned destination of international tourism. The spot is a very unique place of attraction in the world. It is a prehistoric England based monument in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. There are very interesting facts and stories behind the term “Stonehenge”. The story about the origination of the monument and the term is indeed very exciting. It is said that this valuable and highly recognized tourist spot is the combination of the different types of stones differing in size, quality, shape, features, weight, and feel.


The construction was done in the three different phases that included the labor of more than thirty million hours. It is a live example of creativity and art developed by the combination of thousands of the stones in the varied shapes. Today, millions of the tourist from the different parts of the globe travel all the way to have the glimpse and also the close look at the creativeness developed by the usage of the stones of the varied types.

There are many beliefs behind the origination of the globally famous ‘Stonehenge’ but what we learn is that an idea developed by a single identity can do wonders. The artistic usage of the useless stones today is the glory of England and it has been noticed that the number of the admirers visiting there is increasing continuously. In the same way there are many reasons behind establishing the company by the renowned term ‘Stonehenge’ in India.


A few years back, the present Managing Director (MD) of the company Mr. Jupinder Singh Arora visited United Kingdom for some business meetings and after returning back to India, he decided to start the company Stonehenge E-Commerce in the country with the same name. He had the clear vision to diversify the business over the time and form a group of companies operating the different industry verticals. With the clear purpose and goal in mind he went ahead and kept on adding new companies from time to time and today he heads the group of companies in the nation. He is the successful entrepreneur today and has been leading the group on the success path.


The idea that he derived in Wiltshire, United Kingdom implemented practically and like ‘Stonehenge’ UK, he has established Stonehenge Group. There were number of obstacles that came in the way to obstruct the success but it was his firm determination and commitment to himself that made him write the story of the grand success. Today, the Group employs more than 300 employees and is continuously growing the team members. He believed in the practical concept and he has diversified the business verticals including e-Commerce, online ticket booking, and others.

It caters the need of the various stable and startup corporate at the present. The clients from the varied parts of the cities, states in the nation are availing the varied services of the Stonehenge E-commerce Group and are satisfied with the quality and support rendered by the expert team members. There were the various phases that came across in his personal and professional life but at no point of time he gave up. He continued to fight and overcome the problems coming in the path and today, the result is incredible. Today the e-commerce services offered by the Group are constantly gaining more and more importance. It has become the one-stop solution for all the need of the fastest growing industry of E-commerce.

The organization Stonehenge E-Commerce in the present time provides career and business opportunities to thousands of the families coming from the various backgrounds. He was backed by the teams of the dedicated employees and well wishers who offered their precious cooperation playing a very vital role in writing the success stories. The journey is yet very long and there is the need to move ahead together as a family of team members handling the different business verticals, departments, and responsibilities.

Yes, indeed Mr. Jupinder Singh Arora with his great expertise and proven experience built a new business empire by the name Stonehenge E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. and like ‘Stonehenge’ Britain; there are the thousands of the admirers of our organization appreciating our collective team efforts. Today people take pride in becoming the part of the group as employees or business associates. As said, there are miles to go and write many stories of the grand success with the committed team of experts.